DING DING DING! The article is good. And the author is correct to disdain people that overstate AWD/4WD's (a semantic argument for another time) benefits. But not understating its benefits or insisting that they don't exist is just as much in error. » 1/22/15 11:36am Thursday 11:36am

Aerospace aluminum??? I'm in! This totally meaningful, totally impressive term has completely swayed me! I'm not letting any of those pedestrian-grade aluminum alloys with stupid numbers as descriptors get close to MY Apple or Android device. Maybe my Windows or Blackberry device, sure, but I see that this isn't… » 1/22/15 11:14am Thursday 11:14am

Reason number 1000000 I'm glad I moved away from Chicago. Too many self entitled assholes. Too many people that chose the city life and then decided that they shouldn't have to deal with the socially responsible compromises that come with the city life, like playing the parking spot lottery EVEN WHEN IT SNOWS. » 1/15/15 5:19pm 1/15/15 5:19pm

Let's think about those.
Clutch: Yes, that should work.
Brake: On the street, sure. But on a track, the brakes may already be quite hot. And trying to fight a wide open throttle with the rear brake lever and maintain ANY sort of traction is going to take exceptional skill and concentration. I hope you haven't already… » 12/30/14 5:38pm 12/30/14 5:38pm

Another benefit of this is that "standard" will provide you with a merely horrid picture instead of the damn near unwatchable one you were getting if you had it on "vivid". Thanks also to the author for NOT suggesting taking the energy savings to the next step and turn on the "eco" settings with their crazy brightness… » 12/30/14 11:33am 12/30/14 11:33am

I agree that, directionally, it's a good thing. But I have a hard time getting excited about it, because it doesn't go nearly far enough. It's still way too big to replace my old Toyota Pickup as well as countless Ford Rangers and Chevy S-10s still rolling around. People that actually want a small truck are not going… » 12/23/14 12:13pm 12/23/14 12:13pm

Me too. But it never even occurred to me that I was supposed to think that thing was a vent. I just thought one of the designers was learning his shapes. "OOH! tri-an-gle! Let's slap one of those on here! And we'll make it chrome so it stands out and helps other people learn too!" » 12/23/14 11:31am 12/23/14 11:31am

Well said Sir. What's the point of life if you aren't going to bother living it? Parents, your kids are going to die. It isn't a maybe. The entirety of your job is to maximize their happiness before that point. Being afraid of doing the things you love with them is getting off to a monumentally bad start. » 12/20/14 8:34am 12/20/14 8:34am

Me too. For me, NASCAR = Winston and Winston = NASCAR. I'm old enough that my years of peak NASCAR interest were while it was still called Winston Cup. But I'm young enough that smoking wasn't really a thing anymore, and there weren't tobacco commercials on TV. So I never knew that Winston was a tobacco brand. I… » 12/16/14 4:16pm 12/16/14 4:16pm

Despite lots of redneck engineering wisdom, power and a wide powerband are all that matter. Even for towing. A motorbike engine would have plenty of towing ability if you geared it for that job. (Of course a motorbike engine wasn't designed for sustained use at high loads, so there may be other problems if you… » 6/18/14 3:00pm 6/18/14 3:00pm

I love how EVERY time somebody says he doesn't want a giant phone in his pocket, somebody has to reply with a skinny jeans comment. The skinny jeans type is a relatively small portion of the population. There are many of us that aren't in that little, laughable group that also don't want another giant thing we have to… » 6/16/14 11:46am 6/16/14 11:46am