What if we took your idea a bit farther? Logically, it’s fine to let drivers on the road with minimal training, as long as the license they get for it gives them the minimum potential for danger to others. The mandatory training I received as a 15 year old was probably appropriate for the amount of risk I posed to the… » 5/04/15 1:16pm Yesterday 1:16pm

I’m in the market for a sports car or sports tourer right now. Here’s why the Toyobaru is not high on my list.
1. It is not, by my definition, a sports car. Sports cars have 2 seats. This has 4.
2. I don’t need my sports car to be the fastest thing out there, but it’d be nice if it was quicker in a straight line than my… » 4/30/15 2:46pm Thursday 2:46pm

Yep. I got myself a totaled motorcycle, an ambulance ride, and a lengthy stay in the hospital that way. Panicking and trying to avoid a squirrel was a very big mistake. I should have just hit it mid corner and hoped for the best. (Or rabbit, or raccoon, or whatever it was. I never did get good solid memory back of the… » 4/20/15 9:56am 4/20/15 9:56am

It does indeed go both ways. Every time some rental company forces me into an automatic, I make the same 3 mistakes.
1: I scare the hell out of myself when the car starts rolling forward when I release the brake while stopped.
2: I scare the hell out of my passenger when I jam the ultra-wide brake pedal to the… » 4/15/15 10:02am 4/15/15 10:02am

There are so many things weird about that picture. The bike looks huge. She definitely does not have helmet hair. The side stand is on the wrong side. The bike is, apparently, extremely stable on its side stand. The tires are made of plastic. There are no controls on either the bars or the pegs. » 3/30/15 1:27pm 3/30/15 1:27pm

I find it interesting just how many totally different financial arrangements exist between married couples as well as how thoroughly convinced many people are that the single way they know is the only one that makes sense. It's exhibited in this comment section as well as in lots of people I've gotten to know. » 3/27/15 2:40pm 3/27/15 2:40pm

I know, I know. We should all be happy to finally be getting small trucks again. But I'm just going to use a few numbers to put in perspective just how far off these are. As a point of comparison, I'm using my own truck. Because in reality, that's what they'll have to beat to get me to replace it. I'm focusing on the… » 3/26/15 4:39pm 3/26/15 4:39pm